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5 Heuristics Of Learner's Domain

The five Heuristics of learners’ domain refer to the five programs provided by APCAS to ensure a balanced and holistic development of the learners.

1. CHAT (Consultation Hours and Tutorial)

CHAT is an academic program that aims to extend assistance to the students who have concerns with their academic performance on particular subject/s. Instructors, during their available time, may conduct CHAT to help students understand the subject.

2. Mentoring

The student mentoring program provides the students the opportunity to adjust easily when they enter the College as freshmen. They may avail of student advising and assistance in different areas and at different situations of their college life inside APCAS. This allow the students’ development toward holistic personal formation as student.

3. Individualized Program

Irregular students and transferees are carefully advised on a one-on-one basis by college deans and program heads on the course/subjects they may take under their programs. The main objective is to allow the students choose their own pace of study guided by the prescribed residency of the program as stated in this handbook.

4. Euthenics

Euthenics is a program that involves conducting conventions or seminars which aim to address topic relevant to the social and personal development of the students.

5. Community Service

In order to develop students who can respond to the needs of the environment, students are exposed to various activities requiring their active participation and sincere involvement such as tree planting, outreach activities and other community programs involving not only students but all the school stakeholders; students, employees and parents.