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APCAS College Department glows at Acquaintance Party 2019

Written By: Jerica H. Jorda

Short after the opening of classes of College Department, Acquaintance Party went with a bang. Held last August 27 at Villa Amanda Resort, over a thousand students, mix of newbies and old, showed off their finest outfit. Aiming for the students to get acquainted with each other, the party was packed with entertainment.

Ms. Anjanette Layug welcomed the students with her remarkable message, highlighting the purpose of the affair. Energetic hosts, Tricia and T-Rex, provoked shouts and laughter. While the live band, Music Factory, created a very amusing and engaging experience to the students.  Few students from different departments shared the stage with the band as they performed hits of 2019. To add colors and fun, college faculty and staff prepared games which students actively joined in.

And before the program ended, BS Criminology received the Early Bird award as they flocked to resort early as 7 AM, while BS Accountancy as the Most Attended department.